Leading for Literacy: Promoting Meaning-level Literacy Skills in Early Elementary School - April 1st

Date: April 1, 2021 

Time: 2:00-3:00 pm ET 

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Join Jess Surles, M.Ed., and Lauren Artzi, Ph.D. as they present the sixth session in the NAESP-Lead for Literacy Center series. This session is focused on promoting children’s language and meaning-level literacy skills in early elementary school. For successful reading, a child needs to have skills that allow them to decode the words (code-based skills) and skills that allow them to understand and comprehend the text and understand what the words mean (meaning-level skills). As a follow up to the March 25th session Promoting Code-based Literacy Skills in Early Elementary School, this session will focus on the use of evidence-based practices for promoting elementary-aged children’s academic language, vocabulary, and comprehension in both traditional and virtual learning environments. Presenters will also discuss key considerations for using EBPs to support comprehension and language across all tiers of instruction.  

Participants will: 

  • Discuss important components and evidence-based practices related to literacy instruction that supports student comprehension, vocabulary, and academic language. 
  • Access web-based tools and resources to support implementation of evidence-based literacy practices by school staff and students.  

Presenter: Jess Surles, M.Ed., is a Technical Assistance Coach for the Lead for Literacy Center at the Center on Teaching and Learning (CTL), University of Oregon. She has over thirteen years of experience in delivering classroom instruction, collaborating with educators and leadership to support program implementation, and designing professional development on literacy and educational practices. 

Facilitator: Lauren Artzi, Ph.D., is a Technical Assistance Coach for the Lead for Literacy Center and Senior Researcher at American Institutes for Research. She brings sixteen years of experience in education; five as an ESL teacher, and eleven years of experience in education research and as a technical assistance and professional development provider.

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