The Lead for Literacy (L4L) Framework is a guide that helps school, district and state leaders navigate the process of evaluating, building, implementing, and improving teacher implementation of evidence-based literacy practices within a comprehensive schoolwide reading model.

This infographic describes The Lead for Literacy Framework elements.

In this overview video, we introduce the five elements of the framework and explore how these elements can help elementary school leaders.

Lead for Literacy Framework Tools

Framework Navigator

The L4L Framework Navigator is a tool that can be used formatively with school teams to shed light on areas that are strongly implemented and growth areas that school teams might work toward.

Technical Assistance

Our goals are to offer a variety of professional development and technical assistance support and to scale the use of the Lead for Literacy Framework so schools can implement an effective schoolwide reading model.

We are currently working with strategic partners to provide:

  • Webinars and conference presentations spotlighting critical features of the Framework.
  • Two to three-day, interactive training institutes focusing on the evaluation, prioritization, action planning, and implementation phases of the Framework.
  • Targeted, consultative support related to Framework implementation.

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