4 Reasons Literacy Leadership Matters

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4 Reasons Literacy Leadership Matters

4 Reasons Literacy Leadership Matters

1. School Leaders Directly Impact Student Achievement

School leaders are second only to teachers in their impact on student learning. Fullan & Pinchot, 2018; Leithwood, Harris, & Hopkins, 2008

2. School Leaders Promote Equitable Outcomes

School leaders play a critical role in supporting the literacy needs of all students, including those with or at risk for literacy-related disabilities, by designing and evaluating effective schoolwide reading plans within multi-tiered systems of support. Eagle, Dowd-Eagle, Snyder, & Holtzman, 2015

3. School Leaders Build Strong Literacy Teams

School leaders improve teaching and learning by promoting staff motivation, commitment, and a positive school culture. Leithwood, K., Day, C., Sammons, P., Harris, A., & Hopkins, D., 2006

4. School Leaders are Instructional Leaders

School leaders actively support implementation of evidence-based literacy practices by providing access to high quality professional development and coaching/feedback opportunities. Steiner and Kowal, 2007

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